Here at GGR Glass we are extremely proud of our products, so why not celebrate one of them each month?

Introducing the GGR Glass product of the month for April 2019... The Toyo Straight "oil fed" Glass Cutter- Tap Wheel- TC17P!

The Toyo Straight “oil fed” Glass Cutter is one of the best glass cutters in the glazing industry! Developed with TOYO® patented tap wheel technology, you’ll experience the straightest and cleanest cut with this glazing tool.

This first-class glass cutter is small but powerful with the ability to cut through 2-10mm thick glass with effortless precision. It is often used within the glazing industry and the stained-glass industry with its 140° hone angle, tungsten carbide cutting wheel.

The Toyo TC17P is built with a durable brass cap to secure a transparent oil reservoir, making the glass cutter last for as long as needed. The oil reservoir is easy to refill with pipettes that are included with the product when purchased from GGR Glass.

Cutting oil and replacement cutting heads are available to accompany the glass cutter, as well as a range of high cut resistant Kevlar gloves, all through the GGR Glass website. Whatever you need to make the perfect cut for your glass, we’ve got you covered!

Stay tuned for May’s GGR Glass product of the month and all you need to know about it!

For more information on the Toyo TC17P or to purchase one for yourself, view our website.

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