POTMSA new month has begun. GGR Glass’s product of the month for September is…The Portman Door and Panel Lifter XXL!

This versatile tool is designed to lift, lower and swivel both doors and panels through a smooth foot operation. Used for the installation of doors, windows, furniture partitions and dry walls, this handy tool makes lifting simpler.

Featuring an integrated tilt compensating lever, this door and panel lifter is capable of lifting up to 200kg through foot control. It is often popular with joiners, glaziers, decorators, locksmiths and as a household accessory generally.

This lifting accessory is manufactured from sturdy steel with a rubber base to prevent damage to floors and a non-slip foot pad for a more stable lift.

Simply place the hook underneath the door or panel you are lifting and press down with one foot. This door and panel lifter is the ultimate hands free, no fuss, lifting device.

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