The product of the month for November is…

The Polyester Carrying Straps!

Made from tough polyester with abrasion resistant resting pads, these carrying straps are the perfect lifting accessory. For complete control and safety when lifting heavy materials, these straps are made with reinforced rubber handles.

Boasting lifting capacities ranging from 400kg to 1 tonne, these carrying straps offer a safer alternative to carrying large pieces of glass across sites and up staircases. Typically sold as a pair, each strap is 5.7 metres in length with a thickness of 60mm.

The perfect practical tool for heavy lifting, the straps can be specified for incline operations. The incline carrying straps are developed with four handles and a ratchet strap system for completely surrounding the load.

Our Polyester Carrying Straps are designed to take the weight off your shoulders and make lifting easier.

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