At GGR Glass we take pride in our products and feel that it is necessary to celebrate at least one each month. So here it is, June’s product of the month is the…

Powr-Grip N4000TSC Textured Suction Cup!

Our suction cups are some of our best-sellers, with exceptional vacuum lifting capabilities applied from just the use of your hands. Some suction cups are developed to fulfil special purposes and that is one of the many reasons we want to celebrate the Powr-Grip N4000TSC this month.

This specialist hand suction cup features an extra-flexible soft rubber pad with an outer sealing edge. This deep outer lip enables the suction cup to be mounted to frosted and etched glass, as well as textured kitchen worktops.

The Powr-Grip N4000TSC is a handy suction cup used as an accessory for lifting textured glass weighing up to 27kg. It can also be used for setting and levelling tiles and flat, textured stone pieces. Designed with a quick action pump handle, vacuuming is applied once the special suction cup is pressed down firmly onto the desired surface.

GGR Glass offers a wide range of specialist suction cups as the perfect lifting devices for at-home or on-site glazing work. The Powr-Grip N4000TSC stands out from the crowd with its ability to mould itself into lifting textured and irregular surfaces.

Stay tuned for July’s product of the month.

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