There are many different ways to lift glass. What is most important when lifting glass is that you do it as safely as possible, as lifting glass incorrectly can be extremely dangerous.

To aid lifting glass of lots of different sizes some tools and devices that can help you lift glass safely and more easily and efficiently. This is the guide that we are going to bring you today, so please keep reading if you would like to know more about our glass-lifting solution guide.

Glass Lifting Solutions

Below you will find some of the top tools and devices that will help you immensely when lifting glass. Whether you are a glazier or if you are doing your own window fitting or glass manoeuvring, you will want to brush up on your knowledge of some of the devices that are listed below as you will not want to be without them to get the job done.


Vacuum Pump Suction Cups

First up we have Vacuum Pump Suction Cups. These vacuum lifting devices are operated and are fantastic for lifting glass loads that are heavier in weight to ensure a secure and tight hold on the glass.

These tools are quality designed and we offer an extensive range at GGR Glass for you to choose from, with various lifting capacities to suit all glass lighting needs. Complete with solid handles on most of our vacuum pump devices for easy and sturdy grip of the tool, our suction cups are sure to get the job done.

Glass Lifting

Suction Cups

Suction cups come in a wide range of sizes, from the smallest suction cups designed to lift barely 2kg to the larger of the suction cup family at GGR Glass, lifting an impressive 80 kg such as our Suction Cup Triple Pad. This suction cup for example is designed for commercial and residential glazing lifting jobs. 

Many of our tools are used to lift glass, including lots of our suction cups, they can be used for other materials too - not just glass! Choose to lift heavy items that can be awkward to carry with the help of a suction tool to make life easier and safer. You can lift items such as kitchen worktops, furniture pieces and kitchen appliances too such as washing machines and fridge freezers.

Do make sure if you are planning on lifting other items that you have the right tool for the job - many suction tools work best on non-porous and smooth surfaces so always check the product specifications and lifting capacities before you lift in order to keep yourself safe.


Lever-Operated Suction Cups

Lever Operated Suction Cups are great for lifting glass with versatile lifting capacity loads. Simply use the lever to clamp down on the cup and the tool will do the rest for you. Ideal for beginners or for the less experienced or perhaps less confident when finding a solution to lift glass.

We have all the options you could need with our lever-operated suction cups from GGR Glass, they could be the perfect solution to your glass lifting needs.


Handle Attachment

Handle Attachments can also be a good solution for lifting glass. Different attachments come with a range of different handles for example for a safe and secure grip with a sturdy handle that you can rely on. Handle attachments can fix onto vacuum lifters for positing and moving glass and lots of other materials and objects too.

Make sure to consider shopping for handle attachments as they are great tools to have in your kit for safe glass-lifting solutions.


How to Lift Glass Safely

Now that we have gone over some of the best tools on the market and the ones that are usefully stocked on the GGR Glass website, let’s learn how to lift glass safely. These tools are what you want to invest in if you are wishing to move glass regularly and you want a practical and reliable glass-lifting solution.

Next, we will explain the hands-on solution to lifting glass and lifting glass safely so keep reading to learn more about how to do this.

  • Be aware of broken or damaged glass
  • Get someone to help you lift - two people or more and communicate thoroughly
  • Wear the correct PPE
  • Replace PPE and equipment when it gets old or damaged
  • With much heavier glass - opt for machinery or a hoist to help you lift
  • Carry glass using two hands
  • Be conscious of your surroundings
  • Stay at a safe distance from machinery

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What to Do If There Is Broken Glass

Broken glass can occur at any moment. Glass is fragile and working with glass every day in the glazing industry means that encountering broken glass at some point is likely. Accidents happen and it is useful to know what to do when glass breaks during a glass lifting operation.

Here are some pointers on how to handle glass that has been broken, smashed, cracked or damaged in any way:

  • Never walk on broken glass
  • Do not try and break the glass into smaller pieces for disposal of
  • Do not attempt to pick up broken glass
  • Don’t try and catch glass that is falling


GGR Glass

Whether you need to lift large and heavy or smaller and more delicate glass. GGR Glass has you covered with all your glass lifting needs. Be sure to browse our website for the broad range of quality lifting tools that we sell, with all different types too.

We will provide you with the best lifting results at GGR Glass, whatever glass items or panels you need to lift, we have got you covered with the vast array of equipment and tools on offer from us.