Suction cups come in all shapes and sizes, for different lifting capacities and different surface levels too.

With so many suction cups on the market, it can be easy to forget about those smaller compact cups - which can be just as useful if not more useful than some of the larger and more industrial alternatives.

Read this blog post to learn more about min suction cups for glass, find out how they work, and what they can work on and discover some of our top mini suction cups for glass from GGR Glass all down below, so keep reading to find out more.


Suction Cups


Mini Suction Cups

Mini suction cups are small suction cups that are designed to stick onto a surface. They suction onto lighter loads and their lifting capacity is a lot smaller compared to larger suction cups.

You should always check what a suction cup's lifting capacity is before you attempt to move a load. This prevents you from overloading it which could cause a nasty accident.


How Do Mini Glass Suction Cups Work?

Do not be fooled by the size of glass suction cups that are small or mini in size. They work just the same as the normal size and large-sized suction cups.

As soon as a mini glass suction cup is applied to a surface, it forces the air and negative pressure out. This is what creates a vacuum hold and what causes it to stick to the surface.

Each suction cup device will have its lifting capacity. For mini suction cups, the capacity will not be large, as lifting heavy weights are not what they are intended for.

The air pressure on either side of the suction cup will always try to equalise itself. It is important to have the tightest seal possible and not let any air bubbles into the cup as this can cause the suction to weaken and the suction last a considerably shorter length of time, which could be dangerous.


Factors That Help Suction Cups to Stick

It is all fine when suction cups stick correctly, but some contributing factors will affect the strength level of the suction along with how well the suction will take and how long the suction will last.

Firstly your surface has got to be clean and dry. Any dirt or grime that is on the surface of your object or material will affect the suction cup’s hold. It is always best to give the surface area of your material a clean or wipe before you decide to suction. This can stop any interference with your suction.

When cleaning, be sure to dry down your surface after as moisture or dampness can equally affect the suction hold too.

Next is the surface level - most suction cups will only stick to a completely flat surface. A round, bevelled or uneven surface and you will have to find a specific cup that can handle different surface textures or shapes.

At GGR Glass, we stock these kinds of suction cups also, so if you are looking for one to handle curved surfaces or textured surfaces then check them on our website.

As well as being flat, most suction cups can only handle non-porous surfaces, so bear this in mind when you come to lift an item or material. Being porous will affect your suction cup's ability to create a strong suction to the surface.


What Material Do Suction Cups Stick Best To?

You guessed it, suction cups are predominantly used in the glazing industry and for sticking onto the glass. This is why we offer such a wide selection here at GGR Glass.

As well as glass, suction cups can also stick to metal, hard plastics and fibreglass. They can also be extremely useful for lifting tiles and kitchen countertops, as these are items that also have to be handled with great care like glass does - as not to damage them in any way.

Lastly, suction cups can be used to lift kitchen appliances and furniture units too, but of course, you would have to opt for some of the larger suction cups with greater lifting capacities for lifting these kinds of things.

The rule for most glass suction cups is that the surface has to be non-porous with the surfaces. This ensures a firm bond, and your surfaces should be dirt, oil and soap free of course.

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Mini Suction Cups for Glass From GGR Glass

At GGR Glass, we stock a vast array of tools and equipment for glaziers, suitable for commercial and residential glazing jobs.

We stock various types of suction cup devices, as they help glaziers lift so many things and come in useful when lifting and manoeuvring glass panels and windows.

The category is no different with mini round suction cups, as we have several in stock that is great for smaller jobs. Read on down below to discover some from our range.



The FingerGrab suction cup is used with just one finger. Lifting up to 1.8kg in weight, this suction cup is the smallest we have at GGR Glass and is perfect for helping you lift or shift loads.

It has easy-release tabs to help you remove your suction. Do not be fooled by the size of these suction cups, they are small yet mighty! Creating a strong suction hold and a powerful grip is something that they do very well.

Measuring just 57mm and weighing just 10 grams these are handy tools to carry around with you with ease, from job to job.



Next, we have the ArcherGrab. This device lifts up to 4.5kg in weight and is operated with two fingers, allowing for an easy hold.

Lift all the essential materials that you can lift with any glass suction cup. This small yet powerful device comes in very handy and is great for manoeuvring a whole range of smooth surfaced materials and objects.

Weighing at only 50g, this suction cup can lift an impressive amount of weight for its size - one to definitely have in your tool kit.



The MorkGrab is a strong rubber suction cup that comes with a four-finger handle and is designed for the sturdy handling of materials.

It can lift 5.4kg of weight and its diameter is only 121mm and weighs 150g. With this device, you can use the easy-release tabs to remove the suction cup from the surface safely, effortlessly and with ease. This is one to have to prevent fingerprint marks left on glass surfaces when completing glazing jobs.



The Grifter suction cup is a little different to those listed above. It has a knob grip instead of finger holes. This makes it useful for grabbing that enhanced manoeuvrability of objects.

Featuring a slightly higher lifting capacity of 6.8kg, this one is good for those slightly weightier loads.


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