At GGR Glass, we offer a wide range of glazing tools and lifting accessories. Not all glazing work includes the same type of glass and luckily, we have a range of specialist suction cups for more complicated situations…

The Powr-Grip LP6FH Flip Handles suction cup is ideal for lifting flat surfaces within tight spaces. This suction cup is a more practical solution to manual handling, with flip-over bail handles to create a narrower profile.

With a lifting capacity of up to 32kg, this suction cup is often used to move office appliances, as well as flat pieces of glass and sheet metal.

The Powr-Grip LJ6VH Vertical Handle provides simpler lifting with a vertical stick handle. Its non-slip rigid metal handle allows quick attachment on flat and curved surfaces, with placement at any angle.

Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 32kg, this specialist suction cup is ideal for vehicle repair and maintenance use. The perfect suction cup for replacing damaged windscreens.

The Seaming Tool is a specialist cup which works to pull together or spread apart flat, smooth sheets of glass, plastic, metal or marble. This device provides an easy solution for moving panels together or apart, with millimetre precision.

Capable of lifting up to 100kg, this hand cup creates the perfect seams and joints with easily adjustable pads through a joining beam.

The Adjustable Angle Suction Plate is a flexible tool, used for affixing objects at acute or obtuse angles. This device can be adjusted to different angles, ranging from 45 to 300, and securely locked into place.

This suction plate is ideal for affixing cabinets, especially display cabinets in galleries and museums.

View the rest of our specialist cup range here.

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