GGR Glass are here for all of your glazing needs, providing a range of glazing tools, deglazing tools, cutting tools, lifting accessories and even, measuring tools!

When glazing, knowing the area that you’re working with is important. Therefore, GGR Glass’s Nedo range of measuring equipment is necessary to provide the perfect glaze.

Take a look…

The Nedo Measuring Rod Range offers a sturdy pull-out section for precisely measuring distances of up to 5m. Each measuring rod includes integral spirit levels to help ensure the exact horizontal and vertical position when measuring, with an analogue display that gives instant results. There are three options, and each will do the job perfectly!

The Nedo mEsstronic Easy Measuring Tool feature an LCD display with a hold function, storing previous measured values. For an accurate reading, simply place the Easy Measuring Tool into place, pull out extending sections of up to 5m and measurements will appear on the digital display. Easy peasy!

The Nedo Winkeltronic Tool is a digital angle finder with a user-friendly digital LCD display for a quick reading of accurate results. This state-of-the-art measuring tool includes horizontal and vertical spirit levels for accurate positioning. There are two options available, accurately measuring angles of up to 352° or 355°.


The Nedo Winklefix is an angle finder thatmeasures awkward angles of up to 180° with accuracy. Developed with integral horizontal and vertical spirit levels, these measuring aids are regularly used by joiners, carpenters, window manufacturers, surveyors and on construction sites.

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