Think of only the best this Valentine’s day.

GGR Glass’s bestselling glazing equipment is all we can think about. With a range of specialist suction cups and handy tools like the trusty glazing shovel, do some of your best work and find love at first glaze thanks to GGR Glass.

The best-selling range of GGR Glass’s suction cups offer safe lifting in the comfort of your own home. The Powr-Grip N4000, N5450 and N4950 are handheld suction cups featuring flat vacuum pads that are designed to work with a wide range of flat surfaces. Small but strong, these suction cups have lifting capacities of 57kg and 68kg. Lift and install your glass easily with these best-selling suction cups and fall head over heels with your glazing project.

GGR Glass’s best-selling Glazing Shovel will fill the holes in your heart… I mean window frames. This tiny tool is made with solid shock-proof plastic and has an easy-grip glazing paddle that helps lever panes into the perfect position. This gifted Glazing Shovel is particularly useful for installing sealed double-glazed units and pushing wedge gaskets into window and door frames.

Or roll your gaskets and seals into windows and door frames with another GGR Glass best-seller. The Gasket Roller Deluxe is a practical tool with a 10mm thick straight wheel for easy rolling. This helpful tool will gain easy access to in between those window frames with a 40mm diameter wheel that runs easily on ball bearings.

For a smooth and easy finish, another GGR Glass best-seller that we admire is the Angular Sealant Finisher. This lightweight, flexible tool is perfect for finishing the job featuring two right angles, an obtuse angle and an acute angle for professional results when sealing joints. Made from non-stick plastic to create millimetre perfect mastic sealant joints, putting heart and soul into the job every time.

The GGR Glass bestsellers are at the top for a reason… Because we and all of our customers love them.