Within the glazing industry, every job has to be done with the appropriate tools in order to complete the job successfully and to a high standard. This is the case with both domestic and commercial glazing jobs.

We have put this blog together to list to you the most effective and essential tools that you need for commercial glazing projects, so read on down below if you would like to learn more.


Commercial Glazing

You cannot have glazing without glass. Glass is the most important material that you will have to deal with when it comes to commercial glazing.

Commercial glazing refers to the glazing jobs for any kind of commercial property. There are many different types of glazing jobs for commercial purposes. There can be small shops or huge multi-story buildings - whatever the commercial job, the right tools will be needed for you to complete the job to a high standard and make the job a much easier one.

Double glazing is a popular glazing type of choice in both commercial and domestic settings. It holds many benefits including having a great thermal performance, holding in heat which can reduce energy bills.

Glazing Tools

Commercial Glazing Tools

Commercial jobs require professionals to have the right tools and equipment needed to get the job done. This, along with the right safety equipment and necessary materials is essential.

Many commercial projects require a special or certain type of glass at a specific size, often pre-ordered by a professional, so they are able to fit a building or shop front perfectly.


The Most Effective Commercial Glazing Tools

For some of the most effective commercial glazing tools, check out the array of tools that can be found down below from GGR Glass. These tools are high quality and heavy duty enough to be used commercially, whilst they can also be used on domestic glazing jobs too.


Glazing Hammer

Glazing hammers are an essential tool for any glazier. No professional is without their glazing hammer in their tool kit; they’re useful for any glazing job and you should not be without yours.

A glazing hammer is sturdy enough for hitting glass into place, for that perfect and precision fit and gentle enough to never damage the window or glass. It is a classic tool and an effective one that simply cannot be replaced with anything else.


Triple Pad Suction Cup

A glass suction cup is a tool not to be missed out on. A heavy-duty suction cup is needed in the commercial glazing industry in particular as you are more likely to deal with heavier loads and big glass panels. These are always at risk of breakage and are much more awkward and difficult to carry.

This Triple Pad Suction Cup will do the trick for your commercial projects. It is suitable for lifting to a staggering 80 kg capacity in weight. Complete with an easy and quick vacuum application and release due to its flip switch mechanism location on each cup.

Not only that, this handy tool is useful and strong enough to aid the lifting of household appliances and furniture too such as dishwashers, fridge freezers as well as large kitchen countertops.


Gasket Roller

A gasket roller is for setting gaskets into place for secure window fitting, they are perfect for any glazing job. The gasket roller from GGR Glass features a pointed end on one end for sealing those awkward corners.


Rubber Squeegee

Another simple yet effective tool, this rubber squeegee is needed for quickly removing any water from the glass surface, this is essential in the glazing industry to ensure a surface is clean and in preparation for it to be lifted with a suction cup or vacuum lifter.


Cutting Oil

Cutting oil is useful for blades and glass cutters. It helps to prolong the life of glass cutters, getting them fresh and preventing them from going blunt.

Cutting oil also prevents rust from occurring on the blades of tools and protects the blade head.


Extra Long Gasket Roller

With commercial properties and commercial glazing, you will often be dealing with larger windows, taller ceilings and more hard-to-reach places. Make your life easier with the help of an  X-Long Deluxe Gasket Roller. This tool is durable and rust-proof, perfect for commercial glazing.

There’s no need to overreach to difficult places - which can be especially dangerous when working from height and limit the risk of injury with no need for a ladder! This handy and long tool is ideal for commercial glazing projects.


Putty Knife

A putty knife can be used for the removal of putty from windows and can also be used to insert into a joint, gap or crack. This is essential for removing old putty before you continue to lay fresh putty.

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GGR Glass Has the Right Tools for You

GGR has all the glazing tools you could ever need as a professional glazer for all your commercial glazing projects. Check out all of the products that we stock from GGR Glass today.

We only supply high-quality tools, at excellent prices, so you can be reassured you are investing in tools and equipment that are built to last - and perfect for commercial glazing, where tools will get a lot of use daily.

All the tools we provide at GGR Glass help you to perform the most effective job so you can complete your jobs to the most efficient standards possible. Whether you need glass lifting tools, sealant finishers or deglazing tools, we have got it all at GGR Glass.

Do remember to browse our website to see the product listings of our most effective commercial glazing tools. Whatever you need, we have the right tool for you so that you can get your jobs done effectively.