At GGR Glass, we provide a wide range of specialist tools to assist with any professional glazing job. Glazing can be tricky work, but our range of gasket rollers can make it a lot easier.

The Gasket Roller is a popular glazing tool, designed for fitting gasket seals. Featuring a 42mm free-running, plastic wheel, this device also has a reserve pointed end for shaping gaskets to window corners.

The perfect, practical tool for pushing gaskets into uPVC or aluminium window frames, with a smooth roll.

The Gasket Roller Deluxe is a practical glazing tool, one of the highest quality rollers on the market. Just 240mm in length and 27mm in width, this handy tool has been developed with a knurled aluminium handle and brushed steel components.

Featuring a 10mm thick straight wheel, this is the ideal tool for easy rolling of window gaskets, seals and glazing spline.

The Gasket Roller Deluxe X-Long is the ideal tool for sealing gaskets into higher sections of a window frame. This device is 700mm in length and features a brushed steel handle, providing a comfortable grip when reaching high seals.

Suitable for pushing most gasket seals and flat splines on a window groove, it's angled 8-10mm think wheel runs easily on ball bearings.

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