GGR’s range of Slap On Cups available to buy from our GGR Glass online shop offer a quick way of lifting, moving and placing glass, metal and stone loads from 1.8kg to 34kg.

Watch our video clips to see how these Slap On Cups give a simple and safe solution for grabbing and lifting objects, where suction can be applied and released using just one hand.




This clip features a variety of suction cups from our range, from the Fingergrab one finger lifter made from a tough rubber compound to the G-Man cup which provides a sturdy metal handle for easily moving loads.
Watch the GGR Glass Slap on Cups in action here.







G-Man High Heat Resistance


High heat versions of our most popular slap on cups are also available; these are made from a special red silicone for working in temperatures up to 450°F / 232°C. Slap On Cups can be used for manoeuvring glass on a cutting table, moving floor panels, acrylics and plastics, lifting pieces of ceramic tile or even reposition machinery parts safely using the BoomLift and StickLift which feature a handle to provide extra reach.








The D-Cup Lifter is available in two capacities, 22.7kg and 34kg, and is ideal for easily lifting floor tiles as shown in the video clip below.

Take a look at this demonstration of how the D-Cup Lifter works


D-Cup Lifter


This suction cup features a quick release bar with trigger mechanism to break the suction when handling smooth surfaced materials.

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