Glazing tools are not just used by glazing professionals, they are used throughout many different trade industries and feature in many people's toolboxes.

If you are here to understand how some professional glazing tools work, then we have everything in this blog for you.

Keep reading if you wish to find some of our top-rated and essential tools that are used so readily by glaziers - and learn how to use them too.



Why Are Professional Glazing Tools Used?

Glazing tools are used by professionals because they make the job a lot easier for glaziers. There are many different kinds of tools that professional glaziers will carry around with them in their kit, from the larger and more obvious tools to the smaller tools that are equally as useful.

The right tools ensure that jobs are completed to a high standard. Whether you need to lift glass, remove windows or create that perfect seal for an exact, air-tight fit - glazing tools will help you get there.

Glazing Tools

Some Top Glazing Tools and How to Use Them

We have created a list of some of the top tools from GGR Glass, including the essential tools that are favoured by professional glaziers. Discover how to use these tools here too, so keep reading for more.


Glazing Hammer

Starting things off with a glazing hammer - this is a handy tool to have for any tool kit, whether you are a professional in the business or not. A sturdy glazing hammer is perfect for tapping on glass and window frames to ensure a secure and perfect fit.

A glazing hammer is different to a normal hammer - it is soft enough to not mark or damage the glass in any way yet strong enough to have the right force.

Our glazing hammer from GGR Glass has a chrome plated head and is ideal for glazing, as well as shop or kitchen fitting, and partitioning, and can be used for furniture assembly too. With this tool, you can even change the heads easily too, thanks to the screw-in faces.


Gasket Roller

A gasket roller is a must-have for all glaziers. They are the perfect accompaniment to fitting gasket seals into window frames including uPVC.

To use this tool, all you have to do is simply run the roller edge along the gasket. This will push the gasket down into place. The reverse end is a point and is useful for those harder-to-reach corners, pushing gaskets further into them.


Deglazing Tool

A glazier wouldn’t be anywhere without a deglazing tool. Good window fitting starts with the clean removal of old windows. 

A deglazing tool allows you to make quick, effortless removal of window units from frames. This one from GGR Glass features a non-slip handle for a strong two-handed grip around all sides of the unit. The sharp blade effortlessly glides through even the toughest sealants.


Jaw Pliers

Jaw pliers are some of the most obvious and must-have tools, handy for a whole range of jobs, industries and DIY. The pliers come with a 20mm serrated jaw for a powerful grip.

Just use the handles to clamp on to whatever you need them for. They also have plastic-coated handles for an easy and comfortable and firm grip.


Sealant Finisher

For easy and neat sealant, a sealant finisher is the perfect tool to use. They come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Take the Angular Sealant Finisher, for example - this one features different angles on different sides for the sealing of different cracks and gaps.

To use a sealant finisher such as this one, all you need to do is run the tool along the sealant that is overflowing out of the gap with firm pressure. Push it down in the space for an airtight and watertight seal every time.

Creating the perfect seal with a tool such as this is essential when glazing, as window fitting needs to be seamless and weatherproof so your home is protected from the elements. A special sealant finisher ensures that any sealant does not stick to it.


Glazing Shovel

A glazing shovel is another must-have in the tool kits of professionals, inexpensive and simple. These tools come in handy for a variety of jobs.

Hold the paddle against your glazing beads and tap them into position. Glazing shovels are shockproof and durable. Heel your windows into place and prevent them from dropping. They can also be used for pushing gaskets into window and door frames.

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Suction Cup

If you plan on moving glass, a glass suction cup can be used and should be used to ensure maximum safety when handling and moving and fitting glass into place.

There are a vast variety of suction cups to choose from, with many different uses and lifting capacities whilst being intended for various surface levels and materials.

They all work pretty much with the same system, latching onto the surface of the glass or other material, pushing air out and suctioning onto a surface for a secure and tight hold. This gives glass a handle, which without one, can be very awkward and difficult to hold.

This Two-Pad Suction Cup is just one example of a suction cup that can be used to lift many different objects and weights, up to a maximum of 60kg. As long as the surface of the material is non-porous, smooth, clean and dry, you should be good to go with this one. 

The heavy-duty double suction pad cup device is complete with a plastic flip switch which allows for an easy and safe release of the suction once you are done.

With a suction cup, you can lift awkward objects as well as materials too - we are talking about air conditioning units, water heats, kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, and much more.


Our Tools From GGR Glass

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