There are many different types of suction cups available that vary in size. Here at GGR Glass, we offer a variety of suction cups from slap-on cups to lever-operated suction cups.

But what exactly is a suction cup and what does it do? A suction cup is used to attach an object to a flat surface and adheres best to smooth surfaces such as tiles, glass or metal.

Surfaces should be dry and free of dirt to allow for a firm bond. Some suction cups are better quality than others, for example, some suction cups don't stick as well as others whereas others last longer and stick properly.

It is important when choosing a suction cup that you choose a good one, this is because if the suction cup does not stick properly then whatever the suction cup is holding up will fall off constantly.

Now, although having a suction cup that sticks properly has its advantages, it can also have its disadvantages. For example, if your suction cup gets stuck to your iPhone or window, it is almost impossible to remove them and requires special care to ensure that nothing is broken in the process.

In this guide, we will be covering the different types of suction cups and how to remove them if they were to get stuck. Read on to find out more!


Slap-on Cups

There are many different types of suction cups and each cup varies in strength. An example of this is a slap-on cup. Each of these suction cups can lift a certain amount of weight, for example, our ‘ArcherGrab Slap-on Cups’ have a strong suction strength of up to 4.5kg.

Therefore making lifting materials such as plastic, windscreens and small windows so much easier! Not only are these suction cups great at lifting heavy objects and transporting them to different locations. They also have a temperature function to allow you to lift materials up to 232 degrees!


Suction Cups


Lever-Operated Suction Cups

Now, we have spoken about our slap-on cups, but what do our lever-operated suction cups offer?

Whether you are lifting glass or installing a mirror for your home, the functions of this suction cup are endless.

Depending on weight capacity, our suction cups are able to lift items such as glass doors, plastic and metal as well as many other non-porous materials.

We understand that when lifting heavy objects, you fear you may damage or break them - well, fear no more as we offer safe, sturdy and durable options to ensure you are getting the best high-quality suction cups!

Although our lever-operated suction cups are excellent for lifting heavy objects, not every material is suitable for this suction cup. This is because only certain non-porous materials can be lifted.

For more information on what the best glass suction cups there are,  click here!

Removing Suction Cups From Glass

We have discussed some of the suction cups we have available and their benefits, but due to their strength and durability, what happens if they get stuck?

This is a common problem with suction cups all around the world, and believe it or not, there is a very easy solution to removing suction cups from glass. Suction cups may have many benefits such as their strength and durability. However, due to their strengths, they can be very tricky to remove.

Suction cups can end up becoming quite delicate towards the end of their lives. When it comes down to removing suction cups from glass, a lot of people struggle as they fear they may break or damage the glass in the process.

Most suction cups are made from either rubber or plastic which are designed to stick to smooth, flat surfaces such as glass and steel. Therefore, they require special care when removing them to ensure that nothing gets damaged.

What is Needed in Order to Safely Remove the Suction Cup?

Before we proceed with the step-by-step instructions on removing a suction cup, there are a few things you will need in order to carry out this task, such as:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Detergent
  • Window cleaner
  • Water
  • A paper towel
  • And finally a blunt-ended knife

Suction cups are placed with quite a lot of force to ensure that they stay in place for long periods of time - especially if you are using a suction cup with a hook that holds small baskets or other household items.

Now we know what is needed to ensure you remove the suction cup from the glass, let's get right to it!

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Step 1

Firstly, you want to use a bit of warm water and focus on wetting the sides of the suction cup as much as possible. Doing this works by allowing the air to drive itself into the suction cup.


Step 2

You then want to grab your cotton swab and dab some dish soap onto the suction cup. This time, you want to make sure that you are focusing more on the area between the mirror and the cup.


Step 3

Next, you want to use a small amount of liquid detergent or dish soap and place it on the sides of the cup. Then using your blunt-ended knife or a butter knife, you want to slide it under the suction cup and gently try to lift it off the glass.


Step 4

Once you have managed to lift the suction cup off the glass, the final step is to wipe off any remains or marks of dish soap or water using a window cleaner. Finally, dry off the glass with a paper towel and you have successfully removed the suction cup from the glass, Easy!



To sum up, we know that suction cups have many benefits such as strength, but we also know that due to the strength of the suction cups they can be tricky to remove.

So, if you are ever in doubt about what to do to remove the suction cup from your glass without damaging it, be sure to read our blog! We assure you that our step to step instructions will make your life much easier.