When it comes to glazing tools, it can require a little bit of practice and skill in order to know how to use them properly. Glazing tools are absolutely necessary if you are wanting to replace an old or damaged window by fitting a brand new one. There are many different tools available when it comes to glazing - and it can be overwhelming to know exactly what they all do and what they are used for.

Glass cutters, glazing hammers, silicone, putty, putty knives and glazing nails are the must-have pieces of equipment in the glazing industry. If you want to know more about glazing tools, how they work and how to use them properly then keep reading for more.


Glazing Tools



Before any new window gets to be fitted, the old window has to first be removed - to do this effectively a must have tool for glazers is a deglazing tool. A deglazing tool is a sharp tool and is used for quick, easy and effortless window removal from window frames. Sharp heat-treated razor blades are part of this tool and are used to slice through even the toughest sealant.


Cutting Oil

Reducing friction between hard materials and suitable for all glass cutting, cutting oil helps to maximise the life span of glass cutters by protecting the tools head and sharp blade. Cutting oil is easily washed off with water whilst also preventing rust to the tool.


Glazing Hammer

A glazing hammer can be used for glazing, shop-fitting, partitioning and even furniture assembly. A glazing hammer is made with one side of the head rubber and the other side hard plastic, it is specially designed and useful for the glazing industry for tapping glass into place whilst the harder plastic side is good for tapping in nails or lead.


Gasket Roller

A popular glazing tool, designed for fitting gasket seals. Gasket seals are the connection between two components and are usually used when no leaking is needed - perfect for window fitting. Glazing can be a tricky job, but with a gasket roller to help with gasket seals, the device can make it a lot easier, especially when shaping gaskets in window corners.


Blade Gasket Shears

Study gasket shears or gasket cutters are needed in glazing, they are used for making accurate cuts in gaskets. A clean smooth edge is then left so that when the gaskets are installed during glazing a perfect seal is formed and it sits properly in the window or door. Gasket shears can also be used to cut different materials such as plastic, fibre and rubber.


Glazing Shovel

Used to adjust double glazing to the correct heights and lever glass into the correct position. A glazing shovel is particularly useful for installing sealed double glazed units and pushing wedge gaskets into window and door frames.


Glass Lifting Suction Cups

For the safe lifting of glass panels, glass suction cups are required for the safe handling of glass and to protect it from breaking or chipping. The lifting cups attach to smooth surfaces and create a vacuum between the surface and the cup.

Glass suction cups can come in a range of different sizes, each with a different lifting capacity and different variations of suction cups are available to lift flat surfaces and curved surfaces for example, for different shaped materials that are all awkward to carry. Suction cups can not only lift different weights and sizes of glass they can lift other materials too - as long as they are smooth and non-porous, a glass suction cup can also safely lift these things.


Glass Measuring Gauge

For measuring glass thicknesses a glass measuring gauge is used for the measurements of glass window panes that have already been installed without them needing to be removed. A measuring gauge is a very practical and clever tool that is even able to measure double glazed units too.



Putty is needed and is commonly used in the installation of windows and also repair too. Putty helps to instantly create a tight seal that keeps away any moisture and has immense bonding strength, perfect for window installations.


Putty Knife

A putty knife is a versatile tool that anyone should have in their toolbox, it can be used to apply filler materials like wood filler and scrape residue from any application. In glazing, a putty knife can be specially designed to insert the putty into the groove and smooth it down after the application.


Glazing Nails

Glazing nails otherwise known as glazing points or pins are used to secure glass into a frame without damaging or scratching the surface in any way.


Glass Gun

A glass gun is a type of nail stapler that is designed to plant nails to hold the glass in place. The nails can also be nailed with a glazing hammer.


Sealant Finisher

A must have accessory for any glazers toolbox is a sealant finishing tool. Sealant finishers can come in a variety of shapes. It is useful to have one in with different angles to them to create the perfect sealant joints at every angle.



All these tools mentioned above have a special place in a glazer toolbox, listed is the range of essential and main tools that all window fitters should and will be familiar with.

We hope we have explained how these essential glazing tools work so you have a better understanding of the tools required to glaze and deglaze windows. Whether you are in the trade of glazing or not, you can now understand the process of what's involved in glazing and deglazing, as there is a lot more to it than you might think.

If you have any questions about glazing, tools or anything else then we at GGR Glass will be happy to help you, so feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We have a big range of glazing and deglazing tools for you to purchase and hire on our website, so take a look today.

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