In the world of glass lifting and installation vacuum suction tools play a vital role in ensuring tasks can be completed safely and efficiently. They can also come in handy for small tasks such as holding items in place, lapping burned valves and lifting glass and other smooth surfaced materials.

These tools, particularly the Powr-Grip Valve Grinder, Suction Mounts and Go Pro Mounts, offer a combination of strength, stability and flexibility that meets the demands of various industries. Below we talk about some of these tools and their capabilities and applications.

Powr-Grip Valve Grinder

When it comes to checking and lapping operations, the Powr-Grip Valve Grinder is essential. This tool features a spring-loaded vacuum pump that securely holds valves for easy grip when turning. Whether you're dealing with burned valves or routine maintenance tasks, the Valve Grinder's firm yet flexible grip ensures reliable performance.

Designed for ease of use, the Valve Grinder has a grease-resistant handle that spins effortlessly between your hands. The suction pad, moulded from durable tread rubber, offers both flexibility and grip. With a single plunger stroke, the built-in spring-loaded vacuum pump attaches the suction pad to the valve securely. The Valve Grinder comes with 19mm and 32mm suction pads, catering to a wide range of engine and automotive valves.

32kg Suction Mount with 1/4" Insert

For heavy-duty mounting needs, the 32kg Suction Mount with 1/4" Insert is a reliable solution. This robust mounting cup provides a stable hold for devices weighing up to 32kg without causing any marks or damage on smooth surfaces. Crafted from durable materials, such as black aluminium, this suction mount ensures strength and stability even in challenging environments.

Ideal for use on boats, recreational vehicles, and agricultural machinery, the Suction Mount offers versatility across various industries. The inclusion of a 1/4"-20 thread tap enables secure attachment of heavier appliances to non-porous surfaces using the long-lasting rubber vacuum cup. Whether you're mounting cameras, sensors, or other equipment, this suction mount delivers the stability and reliability you need.

Go-Pro Suction Mount

Combining the renowned suction power of Woods Powr-Grip cups with the durability of RAM mounts, the Go-Pro Suction Mount offers unmatched reliability for your camera needs. With its pump-action vacuum, this mount attaches quickly to any smooth surface, whether it's a car body, helmet, or motorbike. Thanks to its residue-free cup you can move the mount as needed without leaving behind any marks.

Featuring a 77mm pad diameter and a minimum radius for curved surfaces of 102mm, the Go-Pro Suction Mount offers flexibility in mounting options. With a maximum weight capacity of 7kg, it provides excellent support for your camera, ensuring steady footage even in high-traffic environments.


When you need precision and reliability, vacuum suction tools from GGR Glass offers a range of perfect solutions. Whether you're tackling valve grinding tasks, mounting heavy equipment or capturing action-packed moments, these tools offer the strength, stability and flexibility needed to get the job done with confidence.

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