GGR Glass admires its Dolly’s.

Glass transportation solutions are something that GGR Glass pride themselves in, as well as a wide range of glazing tools, de-glazing and lifting accessories. For easier and quicker manoeuvring, we have developed these Dolly’s for our customers safety and peace of mind.


First up, we have…

The Trolley Dolly

The Trolley Dolly is built with a generous 210mm shelf width and 200kg load capacity.

One of our larger but still compact Dolly’s, the trolley allows the glass load to rest against a 1380mm high frame for extra support. More support comes from two handles either side of the frame which allow the Dolly to be steered from A to B with ease.

If what you need is a bit of trust and support, the Dolly Trolley is the perfect for your transporting your glass.

Secondly, we have…


The Uni-Wheel Glass Dolly

This one wheeled Dolly helps avoid the stress and strain of moving glass, sheet metal and plastics, all weighing up to 200kg.

Fitted with a 400mm pneumatic tyre that allows for smoother travelling over uneven ground, the Uni-Wheel is a practical assistant to preventing any injuries on site or at home! For extra support of the glass, the Uni-Wheel is also equipped with vacuum pad grips to hold the glass into place when transporting.

If what you need is a quick and simple solution, the Uni-Wheel Glass Dolly is your perfect choice!

And last but never least…

The Self-Locking Transport Dolly

The Self-Locking Transport Dolly can transport drywall, doors, glass stone cladding… any type of large panels with a load capacity of 250kg.

This impressive two-wheeled Dolly is a great addition to any home or on-site toolbox, being a compact and convenient way for easy transport. The 260mm pneumatic tyres allow loads to be manoeuvred across rough terrain making this Dolly perfect for any place of work.

Its self-locking features allows the Dolly to take on most of the work with your load making your job a lot simpler.

If what you need is convenience and confidence, the Self-Locking Transport Dolly is your new partner!


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