GGR Glass offers a variety of products- from glazing to deglazing, to measuring and even, to finishing.

Once glazing has been completed, you may need that finishing touch. Look no further because GGR Glass has a range of products dedicated to providing a professional finish!

Firstly, we have our best-seller finisher, the Angular Sealant Finisher. This tool is simple, lightweight and extremely flexible. The 85mm x 90mm finishing tool is made from non-stick plastic and features two right angles, an obtuse angle and an acute angle. It is the perfect finisher for expert results when sealing joints.

Another great finisher is the Mastic Sealant Finisher. Retaining all of the benefits of the Angular Sealant finisher, this non-stick plastic finishing block is the ultimate tool for finishing off mastic sealant joints and surfaces. Designed with ultra-fine edges for creating straight, tidy joints.

The Sealant Joining Tool is the perfect, mark-free finishing tool. This straight edged tool creates immaculate lines in joints with its firm 40 x 25mm head. Its lightweight handle can be mounted onto a pole for those hard-to-reach, horizontal and vertical joints.

It wouldn’t be a spotless finish without a GGR Glass, Glass Cleaner and Degreaser. For a polished finish, this professional glass and mirror cleaner will remove grease, fingerprints and oil without leaving any residue. Your glazing can shine for days with just this 600ml can.

All glazing tool work will be left in pristine condition with the use of any GGR Glass finishing products!

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