GGR’s revolutionary Glass Sherpa trolley proved to be the bookies’ favourite as it provided a safe and simple solution to replacing a broken window at this bookmakers in London.

Available to hire or buy from GGR, the Glass Sherpa Collapsible Glass Trolley is a 300kg capacity glass transporter which can move and rotate glass by 360° using suction pads that are mounted on its wheeled frame.

Firstly the Glass Sherpa removed the broken safety glass, which had been damaged by an angry punter who probably just lost a bet! Once the 193kg window had been removed, the Glass Sherpa lifted the replacement laminated unit from the side of the glazier’s van then moved it into position for fitting.

Popular with shop front glaziers, the Glass Sherpa can handle glass units up to 4 metres in length with less risk of injury and load damage during the installation. This small trolley weighs just 145kg and is collapsible for easy storage and transportation from job to job.

GGR Glass stocks a wide range of trolleys, dollys, stairclimbers, tows and stillages to hire and buy online for safely transporting glass around site. Take a look at the A-Frames and Trolleys section of our online shop.