When working with glass it is important to always lift it correctly. The mishandling of glass and improper lifting techniques can be the cause of many accidents. Taking the right steps to ensure you are lifting your glass in the safest way possible can reduce the likelihood of injury, damage expenses, and time wasted.

By using appropriate lifting tools combined with correct lifting techniques you can avoid these issues. Taking the time to select the best tools for you makes lifting glass much easier as it provides extra grip.

Glass Lifting Techniques

In the glazing industry, there are set procedures for safely lifting glass and what techniques you should use. Proper glass handling techniques can range from how you hold it to what you use to hold it. For example, guidelines suggest men should handle no more than 25kg when holding a load close to the body at waist height. There are no set rules though as most manual handling injuries will occur from bad technique. Instead, you and your employer should carry out a manual handling risk assessment.

Correct Stance

A mistake that many people make when picking something heavy up is lifting with their back. Where possible you should always use the power of your legs to pick something up. This can be done by squatting so you are able to grip the load. Make sure the load is as close to you as possible. Keep your back straight with the load in a firm grip. Then lift it, using your legs to raise it up.

With glass, however, it may be difficult to find a safe grip. Due to the smooth, flat surface and thin, sharp edges, you can be left struggling to lift it safely. This is why many glaziers own a selection of suction and press-on vacuum cups. These cups can be thought of as attachable handles for glazing.

You can achieve a more ideal glass lifting stance by using a tool such as an N4950 Hand Held Suction Cup. This type of cup can simply be applied with one hand to glass. The suction is activated with the convenient thumb pump mechanism. You can then use the durable handle to pick up to 57kg in weight.

Hold the Glass at the Side of You

While it may sometimes feel easier to hold your glass at your front or above you it is incredibly dangerous. By placing your glass in these positions it can mean if the glass does smash the shards are more likely to land on you. Holding it improperly can also hinder your vision, causing you to bump into things.

Glass should always be carried at your side to reduce the chances of injury and damage to the glass. To assist with carrying glazing at your side you can use an accessory such as these Polyester Carrying Straps. These straps are designed to handle loads of up to 1 tonne and offer more support when carrying glass. The reinforced rubber handles provide a comfortable grip and the resting pad is thick and abrasion resistant.

Two’s Company

Lifting heavy or awkward glass can become dangerous, especially by yourself. You should always request assistance if you feel you will struggle with a load, especially in lifts at an incline. An extra set of hands can take away any physical strain and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Tools such as a vacuum cup or Incline Carrying Straps. These Incline Carrying Straps vary from normal carrying straps as the ratchet strap system cradles the bottom corners of the load. This ensures the glass doesn’t slip out of the straps while ascending the incline.

Don’t Rush

Many workers may like to take shortcuts when handling glass to get the job done quicker. But not taking your time or doing things improperly leads to mistakes that can hold back the job by days or even weeks. These mistakes can also cause life-changing injuries.

Instead of rushing you should properly assess every load you move and plan a safe route. Taking care to identify any obstacles you could come across. You should use a product such as the Nemo Grabo Vacuum Cup. This suction cup is battery-powered with 1.5 hours of constant operating time. The battery vacuum and 170kg lifting capacity will allow you to take your time when shifting glazing around site.


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