GGR Glass has chosen a selection of high quality and fit for purpose safety gloves for our online shop that offer both maximum comfort and protection for the wearer.

The lightweight materials used in our gloves provide a barrier against hazards but don’t restrict the wearer’s movement, which is incredibly important when working with your hands.

If gloves are uncomfortable to wear they are more likely to be removed, this is when accidents can happen! By dipping just the glove’s palm in natural rubber and leaving the backs of the hands bare, hands can breathe and do not overheat.

Modern high performance textiles such as Kevlar® are knitted into many of our gloves, such as the Powerflex 80-658 gloves which also include glass and steel fibres for triple protection against cuts, punctures and tears.  The Hyflex 11-625 gloves are ideal for intricate electrical assembly work as they include flexible Lycra® and Dyneema®, an extremely lightweight polyethylene fibre with 15 times the strength of steel.

GGR’s selection of gloves also include the following features…

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