Some of GGR’s versatile Woods Powr-Grip hand cups were used to take on a massive glazing project at Beetham Tower, Manchester’s tallest building and home of the city’s Hilton Hotel.

This £150 million city centre skyscraper is one of Manchester’s most famous buildings and holds the record for being the highest building outside of London at 47 storeys and 168 metres tall.

To install 320-800kg glass facade panels around the building, a number of glass vacuum lifting accessories were used depending on the weight, size and shape of the glass. MRTA6, MRTA611 and Hydraulica 1200-B lifters were hired to help lift and fit the replacement glazing with some help from an abseiling installation team for high level work.

The 1200kg capacity Hydraulica 1200-B installed large format canopy glass above the Hilton entrance. The linear frame configuration of the MRTA611 made it perfect for lifting long, slim panels using a tower crane and Libro 500 overhang beam. The multi-configurable MRTA6 was used to handle a variety of panels on site thanks to its flexibility.

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