GGR Group’s Glasboy 500 floor crane and most popular vacuum lifter the MRT4 were hired to install protective glass cases to precious Mayan artefacts at Liverpool World Museum’s brand new Mayas exhibition.

The exhibition, which opened on 19 June, has been produced by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) in Mexico. It is part of the 2015 ‘Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom’ and ‘Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico’. The aim of the exhibition is to give visitors the opportunity to step back to an ancient time and discover the world of the Mayas.

GGR’s Glasboy Floor Crane is the perfect choice for this type of installation, with its 500kg lifting capacity and hydraulic lifting arm it made light work of the specially made museum grade glass cases. Conservation is the top priority when displaying priceless, ancient artworks like the ones in this exhibition. The glass has a special coating that blocks 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays ensuring the preservation of the artworks.

The ever popular MRT4 Quattro glass vacuum lifter has 320kg of lifting power, 360 degree continuous rotation and 90 degree tilt action making it versatile enough to fit the glass cases of various sizes and weights.  Extremely safe and reliable to use, the MRT4 Quattro comes with two, independent vacuum systems, each designed to handle the load independently in accordance with EU and British safety standards providing the assurance needed when dealing with the priceless Mayan artefacts.

The 385 objects, on display until October, have come from museums and Maya sites in Mexico and provide a snapshot of Mayan culture from striking funerary masks to intricate jade jewellery. The exhibition explores this extraordinary civilisation whose culture is still alive today. This limited time at the Liverpool World Museum offers the only opportunity to see this fascinating exhibition in the UK.

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