As we all know that the weather can be very unpredictable this time of year, it is important to remember that exposure to wet weather can seriously affect the performance of your vacuum lifting equipment.

Here is the essential information you need to know about using GGR’s glass and cladding vacuum lifters and glazing robots safely in the rain…

Any exposure to water can potentially damage the internal parts and electrical components of a vacuum lifting machine making them unsafe to use.  This is why these lifters should never be used when it is raining, left outside during a shower or submerged in water.

Vacuum lifters and suction pads should always be dry and clean before use as water, grit and dirt can get sucked into the machine’s system when the vacuum is applied. Moisture or debris in the lifter could lead to internal corrosion or leaky valves and the capacity of the machine’s vacuum reserve tanks will also be significantly reduced if water is sitting inside them. Water or dirt on the load or suction pads can also reduce the lifter’s slippage resistance which could cause the load to fall.

Water can cause even more damage to a vacuum lifter if it is exposed to below freezing temperatures. As water expands when frozen, any moisture that turns to ice inside the lifter can damage vacuum seals, block airflows or break electric motors.

Here’s some tips to remember when making sure you are using your vacuum lifter safely…

  • Do not use your lifter in the rain or leave it out during a rain shower
  • Do not use your lifter in below freezing conditions
  • Use a squeegee or chamois cloth to remove any moisture from the load before starting a lift
  • Inspect your vacuum pads thoroughly to make sure they are in good condition (read more here)
  • Use pad covers to protect vacuum pads when they are not in use

High winds and cold weather conditions can also spell trouble for vacuum lifters, for further information read our “Take Care in Windy Weather” safety blog.  We recommend that you speak to your on-site Health and Safety Officer should you have any concerns about lifting in poor weather conditions.

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