Essential Tools To Fit A Window

Essential Tools To Fit A Window

When it comes to fitting a window, it is important to first decide what type of material you are going to use. For the most energy-saving and efficient type of windows, it is best to opt for double or triple glazed glass windows.

When installing double or triple glazed windows a low maintenance material that is often used is the material - Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC). This is a versatile material that offers many practical solutions to applications, the big one being window frames whilst other examples include drainage and plumbing pipes and services.

This material is perfect when it comes to window frames as opposed to traditional wood material, which requires a higher level of maintenance. Today we are going to be discussing the essential tools (glazing tools) that are needed when fitting a glass window with UPVC frames.




Why Get New Windows?

New windows can help to add value to your property and increase the curb appeal of your home. Investing in new windows for your whole house is not cheap, although besides adding value and beauty to your home, it will also improve your home's energy efficiency.

How to Make New Windows More Affordable

If you want to make installing new windows more affordable, then it is possible to install them yourself if you want to cut costs. There are plenty of tutorials online to follow but be sure to fully understand the process in order to do it properly. If you are not fully confident in installing windows yourself then it might be worth it to leave it to the professionals, to ensure it is done right and to a high standard.


UPVC is an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and is a great material that is often used to frame windows, it is rigid and does not flex. It is much harder than PVC and not to be confused with. It is completely safe for transporting drinking water and is fire resistant and recyclable too. These factors are why it makes a great foundation for double glazed windows.

The Best Tools for UPVC Glazing

The good news is that windows have a decent lifespan, lasting between 20 and 35 years depending on the supplier and the fitter. They will always be worth the investment if they need updating or replacing. Keep on reading if you would like to know more about the essential tools you will need for fitting windows.

Glazing Hammers

A glazing hammer is an essential tool as they are specifically designed for the glazing industry. They are used for shaping glass and can be used to create different shapes, such as curves in the glass for proper installation. They can also be used for the installation of doors, mirrors and large glass art installations too.


Scrapers are used for removing excess adhesive, dirt or paint from glass surfaces. They can be used for general use at home for decoration or home window maintenance as they carefully remove any dirt particles from the glass without harming it.

Glass Suckers

Another essential tool for glazing is glass suckers as they ensure the safe lifting of glass by maintaining a vacuum between the surface of the glass and the glass suckers. They also protect glass from chipping, scratching or even breaking. They can be used for both home installation and large scale industrial glazing.

Glass Vacuum Lifters

Glass vacuum lifters are a much large and more mechanical version of glass suckers. They are so large they can be used with both mini cranes and spider cranes to lift large materials such as glass plates, wood and aluminium so they stay intact and without damaging them.

Glass Lifting Sling

A glass lifting sling is one of the most convenient tools you'll use when fitting a window and can streamline the entire process. You can find extra-thick two-ply lifting slings that are extra durable and can provide added strength when lifting loads up to three tonnes.

Gasket Rollers

A popular tool for glazing, gasket rollers are used for fitting gasket seals. Gasket rollers help by properly shaping gasket seals in the corner of the windows. They can be used for aluminium windows and door frames too.

Glazing Shovel

A glazing shovel is a tool that is used to help glaziers lever glass into the correct position. It is particularly useful for installing sealed double glazed units and pushing wedge gaskets into door frames, along with being good for inserting shims.

Glazing Paddle

Glazing paddles are a multipurpose tool. They are used for inserting glass into support blocks commonly known as glazing packers. They also help to easily align double glazed glass windows and doors.

Gasket Cutter

Gasket cutters are manually operated tools used for cutting gaskets. They are used to make accurate cuts, creating a clean smooth edge so that gaskets when installed during glazing, form a perfect seal in a window or door. They can also be used to cut through materials such as plastic, rubber and fibre.

UPVC Door Spreader

This tool can be used to spread a UPVC door or window away from its frame, exposing the locking system. It is very practical to use when there is a failure in a locking mechanism and it does not leave a mark of pressure or chip the frame of the window or door.

Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are large heavy-duty machines that are used alongside vacuum lifters to lift significantly heavy loads. Due to their size, they tend to be transported and assembled on site.

They are used for industrial glazing activities, their modular design gives them added flexibility to adapt to project-specific requirements. Mini crawler cranes are available and can be used as an alternate method based on the space available and what they are lifting.

Final Note

GGR Glass sells a variety of glazing and deglazing tools that you can use for your window frames, as well as a vast array of glazing tools to help you install, such as the ones mentioned above.

So whether you are fitting your own windows yourself or getting someone else to do it, thanks to GGR Glass getting the materials you need is super easy and we are sure we will have the right supplies for you.

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