A procedure involving the raising and dropping of a material is known as a lifting operation. A load is the thing or items being lifted, which could include a person or individuals, however, our organisation works with glass lifting.

A glass lifting operation can be done manually or with the use of lifting accessories. Manual handling of loads is done by lifting, gripping, placing down, or transferring loads by hand.

Lifting operations take place during the transportation of materials from a central warehouse to a processing location, as well as during the processing of resources. Any material or people moved up and down by heavy machinery is referred to as a load.


Glass Lifting


Construction Lifting Equipment

Any device used at work to raise or drop cargo or people, including accessories and attachments needed for securing, fixing, or stabilising equipment, is considered lifting equipment. In the construction industry, there is a vast range of lifting equipment. Typical examples are:


1. A Hoisting Device

This is a device that uses a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain loops lift or lower a load. It can be operated manually, electrically, or hydraulically, and it can hoist with a chain, fibre, or cord.


2. A Crane

This is a device that can raise and drop large goods as well as move them horizontally. It is typically fitted with a hoist, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves.

The following are examples of cranes used in construction:


1. A Tower Crane

This is an equilibrium crane with the same fundamental components as the previous one. Tower cranes are anchored to the ground on a concrete slab, providing height and a large lifting capability. The movable mechanism that enables the crane to swivel is mounted to the tower.


2. Telescopic Crane

This is made up of a series of tubes that are nested inside the other. To expand or decrease the total length of the boom, a motorised mechanism extends or retracts the tubes.

These booms are extremely versatile, frequently placed on trucks, and are utilised for relatively brief construction activities.


3. A Crane on Wheels

This is a cable-controlled crane with a telescoping boom mounted on wheels or rubber-tired transporters or a hydraulic-powered crane with a retractable boom mounted on truck-type carriers or as self-propelled variants.

They're made to be easy to carry to a job site and utilise a variety of loads and goods with little or no setup or assembly.


4. Crane with all-Terrain Capability

This is a transportable, truck-mounted crane equipped to move at high speeds on public roads and uneven terrain at the project site employing all-wheel and crab steering.


5. A Crawler Crane

This crane is positioned on an axle that has a paved road for durability and manoeuvrability. They require minimal construction and can transit with cargo, though they are extremely complex and hard to transport from one construction site to another.


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Advantages of Glass Lifting Equipment

Using glass lifting equipment for heavy glasses has various advantages.

1. Facilitates Handling: It can pick up and manage large objects, allowing the operator to rapidly and effortlessly handle them. This helps you save time and increase your company's productivity.

2. Efficiency: Another benefit of glass lifting equipment for heavy glass is that it helps to improve workplace efficiency by preventing the danger of catastrophes. It also protects them from musculoskeletal diseases, which are common in those who lift large loads regularly. Manipulators are versatile instruments that assist users in doing challenging actions such as holding, spinning, grabbing, and lifting.

3. Care: They handle all types of glasses with care.

There are various aspects to consider while selecting glass lifting equipment for heavier glass. They include the following:

  • The weight of the goods
  • Distance between lifts

The weight limits the machine can hold are also something to think about. This is because each device comes with guidelines stating the weight capacity it can support. Failure may occur if the weight is exceeded.

It's also important to consider the lifting distance. Some machines are designed to transport goods over small distances, while others are designed to transport loads over large distances. Another thing you must consider is the power supply.

The machine's speed and accuracy are determined by the source of electricity. Mechanical, pneumatic, electric, and manual power sources are the most common for heavy glass lifting equipment.


What GGR is Offering?

Our services at GGR are simple, we own a rapid response for any lifting glasses. Vacuum lifters for cladding, glass, and stone are among the vacuum lifters services we provide.

Our equipment provides a safe and dependable method of lifting huge, heavy glass components. We have over thirty distinct glass lifters ranging in capacity from 80kg to 2000kg to suit various glass materials and weights.

Concave and convex glass curved surfaces, as well as irregular shapes of glasses, can be lifted with our specialised equipment. We have around 100 micro crawler cranes in our fleet, with capacities ranging from 1 to 10 tons. The items on our list are as follows:



These low-marking vacuum pads are an important glass lifter tool for keeping load surfaces in perfect condition during a raise.

We’ve made a Low Marking Vacuum pad with a 305mm diameter to protect the glass. Our Woods Power-Grip vacuum lifters are readily installed with these unique pads.



These 254mm diameter pads are designed to be used with GGR's Woods Power-Grip vacuum lifters for handling curved or bent glass materials.

They are not recommended for use with thin, delicate materials. When vacuum lifters are fitted with curved pads, their maximum lifting capacity is reduced.


Specialist Lifting Equipment

We sell a variety of suction cups, glazing tools and suction mounts which are all essential when lifting the glass into high places.

If you have any further queries about our products, get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.


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