When it comes to any sort of glazing work whether novice or professional it is essential you complete all steps as safely and as neatly as possible. One of the steps many people may pay less thought to is glass removal itself. Unless dealing with a new build it is highly likely you’ll need to remove the old glazing before replacing it.

Deglazing a window correctly is essential for your safety and ensuring you end up with the best end result. In order to do this, you need to have the right deglazing toolkit for the job.

The Art of Deglazing

Deglazing is essentially the removal of glass from a window as well as all the smaller tasks that go along with it. This is required for smaller DIY projects such as replacing single glass panes from an internal door to much larger glazing projects on skyscrapers. If you go about replacing glazing without proper instruction it can be much messier or even dangerous if you manage to break the glass.

For more information on the DIY basics of deglazing your window read this blog post.

Must-Have Tools for Efficient Glass Removal

Using specialised tools is essential for deglazing windows as without them you may struggle to do this safely and effectively. With the right deglazing toolkit for your project, you can easily remove sealant, cut glass, and pick it up.

Curtain Walling Decapping Tool

While not always needed for deglazing your windows this Curtain Walling Decapping Tool can be handy for any curtain walling you may have to remove. This is excellent for snap-on caps of all sizes due to the adaptable blade which can be adjusted by twisting the butterfly knob. It is supremely lightweight as it is made with channelled plastic to ensure strength without unnecessary heft.

Circular Deglazing Tool

In order to deglaze a window, you need to remove the sealant which is holding it in place. With our Circular Deglazing Tool, you can easily slide into glazing pockets to cut through sealant.  The round blade is ideal for continuous cutting around corners and achieving the angle you need. This tool is also designed with a protective knuckle guard which is perfect for preventing any accidental cuts to your hand and allows you to work flush against the glass.

Glass Handling Tools

Removing glass by hand can be difficult at best and dangerous at worst. When handling larger glazing you should consider using tools that can reduce the risk of breakage and injury.

Powr-Grip N4000 Suction Cup

This useful vacuum suction cup allows users to lift and position glass all without handling its sharp hand to grip edges. With this particular product you can lift up to 57kg with ease. Aided by the durable handle and simple vacuum pump you can lift and place glass quickly and accurately.

Woods N4000 Deglazing Tool

When glass is flush in its frame it may be hard to find a secure grip while still feeling balanced on your feet. With this N4000 Deglazing Tool, you receive the combined features of a vacuum suction cup and a 760mm pry bar. The suction cup secures itself to the load and forms a strong grip, then with the pry bar you benefit from extra reach and better balance for removing the glass.

Safety Gear

As glass removal often means dealing with sharp edges, broken glass, and the likelihood of dropping heavy glass you should always have safety gear as a part of your deglazing toolkit. Basic PPE essentials for DIY projects includes glass handling gloves, shoes that fully cover your feet, and safety glasses. However, it is always good advice to use more PPE than just the basics. If on a job site, you should wear what is advised by those in charge. Other safety gear essentials you should consider are steel toe cap boots, safety glasses, a helmet, a hi-vis jacket, and long sleeves/trousers.


At GGR Glass we have over 25 years of experience helping our customers choose the best products for their projects. If you need assistance selecting tools for removing glass contact our reliable team here.