Empower yourself with professional glazing tools for glass installation success. Glass professionals and glaziers know all too well the difference a good glazing toolkit can make. However, as a novice – or even an expert – you may not know where to start when building your toolkit or you may just be looking for some new tools to keep up with the ever-evolving of modern tools.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the essential tools you need to include in your glazing toolkit. Due to the intricacies of lifting and installing glazing the tools best suited for the job can vary widely.

Cutting Edge Glass Lifting Equipment

The glass lifting equipment you will need for your project often depends on the nature of the project as well as size and weight. For lifting smaller glass panels, you may only need a low-capacity glass suction cup. But for larger glazing units you may need multiple people to lift them safely and a heavy-duty glass vacuum cup. Below we explain what some of GGR Glass’s tools are best suited for.

  • Polyester Carrying Straps – these straps which are sold as a pair offer safety when carrying loads of up to 1000kg. The 60mm thick resting pad safely cradles glass while being resistant to abrasion.
  • Grifter – a 6.8kg capacity suction cup with easy movement provided by the knob grip. This simple tool is perfect for avoiding damage to glass and injury when handling lighter glazing.
  • Erguo Handle – paired with the Nemo Grabbo vacuum suction cup this handle attachment can help reduce strain and injuries. The vacuum can be activated via the long handle and the user can easily shift multiple loads without bending over.

Versatile Glass Installation Accessories

Glass installation can be quite a fiddly job due to the fragility and rigidity of glazing. When trying to slide glass into place inside a window it means being unable to find a sturdy grip due to the tight fit. This means relying on specialised tools to ensure a safe and smooth installation.

  • Glazing Shovel – this basic tool doesn’t take up much space in your toolbox, but it can make all the difference. Designed with a ridged paddle it allows you to toe and heel glass panels into place.
  • WINBAG Inflatable Air Wedge – make small adjustments to the inflation of this wedge to hold windows in place, pry objects apart, and provide yourself with a bit of extra lift.
  • Powr-Grip N40000LM Low Marking Suction Cup – with this specialised vacuum cup you can lift up to 57kg and avoid marking your glazing at the same time.

Advanced Measurement Tools

When it comes to safe glazing practices it is essential that every measurement you take is accurate. This can include more than just the size you need but the environment around you. As installing glazing can be risky you don’t want to install it during high winds.

  • Nedo Winkeltronic Tool – through the addition of this tool to your glazing toolkit you can accurately measure angles with the digital angle finders which has a convenient LCD display.
  • Nedo Measuring Rod – Measure distances up to 8 metres for various construction needs such as facades and determining clearances.
  • Anemometer – most glazing work is done from the outside, but weather conditions can have a significant effect on safety. With this tool, you can measure wind speed and temperatures to determine suitable working conditions.

Comprehensive Safety Gear

Before starting a glazing project, it is essential that you have all the right safety gear so you can keep yourself and those around you safe. The safety gear you require can change from job to job as some can come with much more risks than others. If unsure you should complete a formal risk assessment before proceeding.

  • Neptune Kevlar 70-114 Sleeve – this sleeve covers your palms and lower arm, protecting it against scrapes and cuts when working with glass and other sharp materials.
  • High Heat D-Cup Lifter 34kg – safely lift glass and other materials with this double cup in high heat applications. The fingertip-operated release bar means there is no need to make contact with the hot surface.
  • Incline Carrying Straps – designed for assisting in the manual lifting of glazing up stairs and inclines these straps provide extra safety for glazing professionals. Made from abrasion-resistant material these straps comfortably surround the load for plenty of sturdy support.


Feel confident in your glazing toolkit with GGR Glass’ range of products designed with glass professionals in mind. For assistance finding your perfect next addition to your kit contact our experts here.