Glass suction cups are a commonly used tool throughout the glazing industry for handling and installing glass. With the application of suction cups to any load you are providing yourself with extra grip for lifting and manipulating glass and other materials. Suction cups are always useful to have on hand as they facilitate easier and safer lifting as well as reduce marks left on surfaces by fingers. At GGR Glass we have a reputation for our expertise in glass lifting solutions along with our specialist tools and equipment. Although it is a common misconception that suction cups need an adhesive like silicone to stick to surfaces, they can in fact perform their intended use independently. Through innovative design glass suction cups can firmly attach to glass and other materials using vacuum technology. Read below to see the answer to 'do suction cups need silicone to stick?'

How Suction Cups Work

Vacuum technology in the suction cups at GGR Glass provides a strong seal on many types of materials. With our various designs on offer, there are many ways to apply the suction cup to a surface, but the vacuum seal remains the same.

When applying your suction cup, the cup releases the air inside of it leaving only a vacuum inside. This vacuum means the cup becomes ‘stuck’ to the surface, allowing it to lift various loads. Each suction cup model will have various lifting capacities depending on how strong its vacuum is.

Materials Used in Suction Cups

While silicone adhesive isn’t used suction cups are able to ‘stick’ due to being made out of flexible rubber. This rubber shapes itself against the chosen surface (which typically needs to be smooth and flat) to form a tight seal. Our most impressive Woods Power Grip suction cups are some of the best glass suction cups on the market, designed with a heavy-duty ABS rustproof handle. This design keeps the suction cup lightweight while still providing a firm hold on heavier loads. Its innovative design also comes with a red line indicator to alert the user of any vacuum loss.

Surface Compatibility

The majority of glass suction cups available are only compatible with surfaces that are smooth and non-porous like glass, metal, and certain plastics. Due to the need for a tight seal to maintain the vacuum it is essential the materials being lifted are completely smooth unless the manufacturer’s instructions specify otherwise.

We provide specially manufactured glass suction cups that are suited for lifting textured or curved surfaces. These cups vary from ones designed for smooth, flat surfaces. Our Powr-Grip N4000TSC Textured Suction Cup is specially designed for lifting textured or patterned loads which makes it excellent for patterned, frosted and etched glass. This impressive tool has a soft rubber pad that has a unique sealing edge and a deep outer lip that can mould itself to various textures. You can also lift curved glass with ease with products such as the Powr-Grip N6000 Curved Suction Cup. This concave vacuum pad is able to attach to curved and irregular surfaces for installing unique glazing pieces.

Safety Considerations

While using a glass suction cup can make handling materials much safer that is only true if you know how to use them correctly. This also goes hand in hand with knowing how to handle glass safely as well. Before using your suction cup, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions so you will be aware of how to use it and what weight capacity it has. Depending on the suction cup you should typically check the tool for these things: cuts or damage to sealing edges of rubber pad, cracks or dents in handle or pump, reappearance of red line soon after attaching cup, sluggishness or dramatic changes in pump action, slick surface or stiffness of rubber pad, air filter missing from pad face.


Choosing the right glass suction cup is highly important for ensuring your safety and the integrity of your glass. At GGR Glass we have over 25 years of experience in glass lifting solutions and can supply you with the knowledge you need. To speak to us about what glass suction cup would be best for you click here.