Do Suction Cups Have Lifting Handles?

Do Suction Cups Have Lifting Handles?

Suction cups can be a minefield if you are unsure what you are looking for. If you are in the market for a suction cup or two but are wanting to know more then you have come to the right place.

Suction cups have an array of different lifting handles attached to them so if you want to learn more about suction cup lifting handles, along with the different types you can purchase, then keep reading to find out more.


What Are Suction Cups?

Suction cups are handy tools that are used in the glazing industry, amongst other industries too. They are mainly used for carrying large sheets of material and large objects. For anything awkward to lift, carry and manoeuvre, suction cups are there to help you complete tasks.

Suction cups work when pressed onto a surface such as glass. Anything non-porous and flat works best but there are special types of suction cups that are specifically designed for porous, curved and bevelled surfaces to cater for other surface types.

Suction cups can also be referred to by other names, these include; suction pads, glass suction cups, glass lifting tools or suction lifters to name just a few.

Suction Cups

Things Suction Cups Can Lift

The items and materials that suction cups are capable of lifting and are used to lift include:

  • Glass
  • Marble
  • Metals
  • Hard plastics such as acrylic
  • Tiles
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Mirrors
  • Appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridge freezers etc.
  • Furniture pieces

As you can see the range and variety of things suction cups can lift is vast. This is why they are a popular tool for many to have in their tool kits, you don’t just have to be a professional in the glazing or construction industry to make use of these tools.


Do Suction Cups Have Lifting Handles?

If you are reading this blog to discover if suction cups have lifting handles then yes, most suction cups do feature a handle of some sort for ease of lifting. This is the case if the suction cups are hand-operated suction cups as opposed to hoist or vacuum-operated suction cups.

Devices will vary from one to the next but will usually have a handle for comfortable and safe lifting incorporated into the tool.

The handles on glass suction cups enable safe lifting and help give you peace of mind that you have a secure suction onto the glass by not tugging on the suction cups themselves.

Carrying glass and other large objects can be dangerous, especially when glass is prone to breakage and damage. Making the glass suction cups comfortable to use with their easy-grip handles is the best option.

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Hand Operated Suction Cups

Suction cups are often hand-operated as you can still achieve a heavy lifting capacity with hand-operated suction cups. All types of suction cups operate with the same purpose, maintaining a vacuum between the surface and the flexible yet solid suction cup.

Below we have selected some of our top suction cup tools from GGR Glass, featuring various lifting handles for an easy and comfortable lifting experience. These tools are also capable of lifting a variety of weights.

Read on down below to learn more about some of our star suction cup products that we stock at GGR Glass


G-MAN 11.3KG

This is a small and fairly simple suction cup, with a modest G-Man 11.3kg lifting capacity. Simple, yet effective, this device has the ability to create a stronghold.

The handle on this is suitable for one-handed use. It works using a slap-on method, using pressure onto the cup with bodily force through the handle, this creates a tight vacuum. This means you are good to go and lift whilst the strong suction is still there.

Handily when you need to release the vacuum from this device you simply pull the trigger to release the suction power.

This tool is suitable to be used on smooth materials and objects including glass, steel, aluminium, stone, plastic sheets and tiles to name a few things.



This suction cup features a butterfly handle. A butterfly handle is for easy settling and levelling, useful when fitting double-glazed windows or doors as well as positioning mirrors and sheet metal too.

This tool has a 30kg capacity of lifting power and is lightweight enough to travel around with, it provides any working person with an instant lifting aid, reducing the risk of injury drastically.

Apply and release your GGR1 suction tool onto surfaces of a non-porous nature with ease with the butterfly handle mechanism. It is also rust-resistant and is made from polished aluminium for a smart finish. Use these suction tools on furniture as well as just glass, including office furniture and lockers to name a few favourites.



A suction tool with two suction pads and you know the job will be a bigger one. This is because two suction cups are always better than one if you are wanting a secure and the safest lift.

Offering you a large 60 kg of lifting power, this device can lift heavy goods. Safely install large double-glazed windows, skylights, glass doors and more.

The GGR2 features a sturdy metal handle in between the two suction cups for a safe and reliable grip of the two cups.



Ramping it up a notch again, believe it or not, we have the triple pad suction tool. The top-end heavy-duty suction cup is still a handheld device.

A really popular choice for many in the commercial areas of glazing projects and other extreme heaving lifting tasks.

Lift everything from cookers, dishwashers, kitchen countertops, and anything that needs the safest lifting technique to be achieved.

Not only can the GGR3 triple pad suction cup lift heavy (up to 80kg) it can even be used for other uses too, such as pulling dents out of the bodywork of cars. This is thanks to its strong suction power being able to latch on and suction out those dents.

Use this tool with ease with the flip switch mechanism which allows you to give a quick release from that super strong suction hold.


GGR Glass Have the Right Tools for You

Come to GGR Glass for all your glass lifting needs. We have a range of suction cup tools for you to browse from, you will also be able to see the array of lifting handles attached to these tools as you browse the collection on our website.

Still looking for lifting equipment but not quite looking for a suction cup? No problem, we have a range of other lifting accessories that we can supply to you that can make the job of lifting a much easier one for you to complete.

Check out our GGR Glass website for more, or contact us directly for any questions or more information.

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