GGR Glass takes pride in being able to offer a wide range of lifting accessories, including clamps! Find out why our clamps are the right lifting accessory for you...

The Easy Clamp is a simple but effective lifting device, used for handling steel beams weighing up to just over 3 tonnes. This lightweight clamp is capable of lifting beams ranging from 125mm to 204mm in width.

Ideal for both vertical and sideload applications, loads can be handled by this clamp at any angle whilst eliminating the need for spreader beams. For easy lifting, choose the Easy Clamp.

The Square Section Clamp is specifically designed for lifting square section steel beams up to 100mm in width and 250kg in weight.  Designed as a below-the-hook clamp, this device provides a temporary or permanent suspension point when lifting.

The Vertical Plate Clamp is a below-the-hook attachment for lifting sheet metal and steels loads weighing up to 1 tonne. This device is ideal for lifting sheet metal and steel loads of up to 20mm in thickness.

Loads can be manoeuvred into the required position with this clamp due to its ability to turn loads by 90° from a horizontal to a vertical position. Lifting is made safer with a secure lock-close feature.

The Rubber-Lined Stone Clamp is an ideal lifting device for the movement of the stone. Capable of lifting up to 500kg with a 30mm to 110mm clamping range, this stone clamp is often used to lift and manoeuvre memorial stones.

Developed with an inner protective rubber pad, this clamp can lift more delicate stone whilst protecting the load from marks or chips. The durable rubber pads provide a secure grip for safer lifting.

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