To help you choose the right glass vacuum lifter for your project, here’s the GGR Glass guide to calculating glass weight and the minimum pad spread required from a lifter to support your load.

GGR stock an extensive range of vacuum lifters for hire and sale to suit glass loads of different shapes, weights and sizes from oversized large format glass panels to long, slim glass fins. With lifting capacities from 80kg to 2600kg, many of GGR’s versatile lifters are supplied with extra pads and extensions to create multiple frame configurations. From one pad lifters to machines with 48 pads, suction pads can also be isolated to accommodate irregularly shaped loads.

The first step in selecting a glass lifter is to work out the weight of the load you need to lift…

How to calculate glass weight
If your glass unit is double glazGlass weight calculatored or triple glazed (via glazing tools) you should add the thickness of each leaf together and treat it as a single leaf without adding the air space distance inbetween. For example a unit with a 8.8mm leaf, 16mm of air space and then another 4.4mm leaf would be calculated as a total thickness of 12.8mm. Remember to include an additional 2% to the weight for a double glazed unit to accommodate the frame spacer bar and add a further 5% if it is a framed unit.

How to calculate minimum pad spread
As well as the load weight, the size of the glass unit also needs to be taken into account to make sure it isn’t damaged during the lift. By calculating the minimum pad spread overhang required you are ensuring that the lifter is giving enough support to the load through the placement of the vacuum pads.

The chart indicates allowable overhang based on the carrying angle and thickness of the glass. The lifter’s pad spread must be large enough to limit overhang and provide adequate support for the glass. Remember that for double glazed units you are only looking at the thickness of the leaf that your lifter will be attached to, not the total thickness of all leaves.

Maximum overhang chart


Once you have worked out the maximum overhang allowed for your load, you can follow this formula to calculate the minimum pad spread dimensions you need from a lifter to safely handle your load…

Minimum pad spread calculator

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