At GGR Glass, we pride ourselves in being focused on safety. Through our website, we provide PPE to our customers to ensure safety is applied to any at-home or on-site glazing work.

Let’s start from the top…

The Petzl Pixa 3 Head Torch is an easy to use multi-beam head torch that allows safety when working in dark environments. This head torch offers a hands-free solution to restricted sight in low-lit working environments with three lighting options.

The close-range option operates on a wide beam, the long-range option uses a focused beam that can be aimed up to 55 metres and the in-motion option provides for both close-up and long-distance vision. Either way, this head torch maintains a constant lighting level for suggested time periods. There will be no dimming the light on this situation!

To be PPE-prepared for safety, protective eye-wear is definitely on the list. The Storm ST120 protective glasses are designed for ultimate protection and comfort whilst at-home or on the job. These protective glasses are developed with strong, clear polycarbonate lenses that offer 99.9% UV protection.

They feature a wrap-around blue frame design with integral side shields because, no one can say no to a bit of colour in your PPE. Each pair has rachet action arms and rubber head grips, providing a non-slip fit for almost any size head!

Hands-on work needs something to help protect those hands! The Hyflex 11-625 Gloves are the perfect safety gloves for jobs that involve controlling, handling and assembling materials with sharp pieces.

These gloves are designed to be high-level cut resistant and liquid repellent. Being the perfect combination for comfort and safety, the gloves have been developed with a yarn structure containing an optimal rate of Dyneema and Lycra with a polyurethane coating.

You can be sure that these gloves can handle any sharp materials with safety in mind!

We want what’s best for our customers in terms of getting a job done effectively and safely. So, next time you’re in need for some high-quality PPE, check the GGR Glass website and we will be sure to have what you need.

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