Be Floored by GGR Glass Flooring Accessories

Be Floored by GGR Glass Flooring Accessories

Fancy some new flooring? GGR Glass has all the flooring accessories you need to help make your project that little bit easier.

GGR Glass offers a range of lifting accessories, glazing tools, suction cups and PPE safety equipment- giving you a helping hand with all your construction needs. We also offer a range of flooring accessories to assist with the ground work. Whether it’s removing or fitting carpet, tiles or stone slabs, GGR Glass has you covered.

Is your problem with stubborn edges?

The CarryMate Rip Grip allows you to save your fingers and lift those awkward floor edges easily. The Rip Grip is a self-adjusting hand clamp that is perfect for lifting stubborn bits of old flooring, carpet or tiles. This hassle-free tool is small but strong with a 59kg safe working load. The CarryMate Rip Grip is the perfect hand tool to make your change of flooring a simple and safe process.

Another handy flooring tool supplied by GGR Glass is the Perforated Tile Puller. This helpful hook is perfect for reaching underneath flooring and pulling it up without a care in the world. Made with strengthened steel, this strong Puller can help lift all flooring materials, even heavy tiles. If what you need is to get underneath those cracks, the Perforated Tile Puller is your choice of weapon.

Need to get to those wires in the office?

The Floor Panel Lifter is a handy lifting aid that is designed to eliminate back and arm strain when lifting solid floor panels. With just a push down on the panel of your choice, this lifter uses suction for a solid grip, providing access to the electricals underneath. It has a release trigger for when you’re done with the investigating, allowing the lifting process to be quick and simple.

Or is your flooring outside…

GGR Glass has lifters that are designed to lift slabs and paving stones. The Paving Slab Levitator uses vacuum technology for safely moving outdoor flooring. This device can be operated manually but with a 100kg load capacity, you may want another pair of hands for the lift. Perfect for garden work or simple paving work, the Paving Slab Levitator makes outdoor flooring an easier job to deal with.

Another handy paving stone lifter that’s perfect for outdoor flooring is the Donut Vacuum Slab Lifter. This ‘push-and-go’ style vacuum lifter allows the manual operation for just one person with a simple lift. Simply push down and go! With a load capacity of 25kg, you can lift and install slabs or paving stones easily without any damage to you or the stones.

GGR Glass is happy to help with all your lifting needs and with a wide range of flooring accessories, your flooring job will be made so easy, you’ll walk all over it!

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