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N5450CS Curved 9 Inch Suction Cup

Our versatile N5450CS Curved Glass Suction Cup is a must-have tool for handling both flat and curved loads with ease. Boasting a specially designed suction pad, this tool offers flexibility like no other, allowing you to effortlessly transition between flat and rounded non-porous materials. Lift automotive windshields, windows and body panels with confidence, thanks to its impressive lifting capacity of 68kg. Complete with a red line indicator to signal vacuum loss and a protective carrying case, the N5450CS is essential for your lifting needs.

7KG Suction Mount With 1/4" Long Stud

Our bestselling 7kg Suction Mount with a 1/4" long stud provides secure attachment to smooth non-porous surfaces, eliminating the need for drilling holes or leaving marks. With its 77mm diameter suction pad and compatibility with a range of electronic gadgets, this mount is your go-to solution for keeping cameras and accessories firmly in place. The 7kg capacity also allows you to work with a range of equipment sizes in various applications.

N5000 Suction Cup

Experience the perfect blend of lightweight design and heavy-duty lifting power with our N5000 Suction Cup. Lift loads of up to 68kg with ease, thanks to its flexible vacuum pad that accommodates materials prone to bending. From glass panels to Plexiglass and Lexan, this suction cup handles it all effortlessly. Complete with a red line indicator, protective carrying case, and sturdy ABS handle, the N5000 is a reliable companion for any lifting task.

Gasket Roller Deluxe

Make light work of window gaskets, seals and glazing spline with our Gasket Roller Deluxe. Featuring a 10mm thick straight wheel and a superior design, this tool ensures easy rolling and precise application. With its knurled aluminium handle and brushed steel components, the Gasket Roller Deluxe assures quality and performance.

1 Tonne Polyester Carrying Straps

Minimise the risk of injury while handling heavy loads with our certified Polyester Carrying Straps. Designed to support loads of up to 1000kg, these straps feature tough polyester construction, an abrasion-resistant resting pad and reinforced rubber handles for maximum durability and safety. Sold as a pair and conveniently packaged in a plastic carry case, these straps are an essential addition to your glazing toolbox.


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