Are Glass Lift Shafts Safe?
Many people have a fear when it comes to small spaces, especially when using a lift. In fact, some would rather take the stairs than use a lift. But, what exactly is a glass shaft?

Before we discuss the safety of glass lift shafts, you should have a basic understanding of what they are. Glass lift shafts are structures that are used to contain and guide elevators. They are made of strong glass and provide an open, airy feel to their surroundings.

A glass shaft is a type of lift. It provides a 360-degree view and has clear doors on all sides. This allows natural light to enter the lift. It is also used to help prevent people from feeling claustrophobic whilst using the lift.

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing glass lifts and whether they are safe or not. For more information, read on!


Glass Lifting

What is The Difference Between a Glass Lift And a Normal Lift?

Glass elevators are most commonly found in shopping centres, hotels, offices and homes. They offer a simple, attractive design that allows users to travel comfortably aiming to prevent a claustrophobic atmosphere.

The two types of elevators differ in their transparency. Glass elevators are transparent, whereas normal lifts are not.

If you suffer from claustrophobia or fear getting into a lift, you are not alone. Many people have these same worries.

The aim of these lifts is to add to the feeling of openness, therefore reducing the effects of claustrophobia.

Normal lifts can be intimidating. They can trigger fear when they get stuck or slow down. Many people become panicked in these scenarios.

A glass lift reduces stress and panic. This is because you can see out of the lift, which helps to create a feeling of calm.

Although these lifts are a lot more aesthetically pleasing, are they just as safe as normal lifts? Read on to find out!


Are Glass Lifts Safe?

Glass elevators are a scenic, modern type of elevator that uses glass panels instead of metal. Believe it or not, glass lifts offer a wide range of benefits - for example, they are less likely to break and are more energy efficient.

Glass elevators present several safety concerns. For example, what is the risk of broken glass if the lift crashes? Is the lift fire-resistant?

There is no need to worry. Air-powered lifts are considered safer than regular lifts. This has been proven.
This means that there are no cables needed for the lift to run - in the event of a power cut, the lift doesn’t break down. In fact, it simply lowers to the bottom level to allow passengers to exit safely.

Glass elevators are also long-lasting and extremely durable if installed correctly. This lift may look like regular glass, but it is made from a stronger material — robust polycarbonate. It can offer panoramic views internally and externally, and we can assure you of its strength.

You can rest assured that glass lifts are just as safe as metal lifts and are more aesthetically pleasing!


Pros And Cons Of Glass Lifts

There are many pros to glass lifts that outweigh the cons. Elevator lifts are very popular. Many companies are using them. What makes them better than regular elevators? Read on to find out!


Pros of Glass Lifts

The biggest and most obvious benefit of glass elevators is the lift's aesthetic. They are a lot more open and aesthetically pleasing compared to a traditional metal lift. This type of lift features a bespoke glass design and a scenic glass view.

Moreover, these lifts are much more durable than your average lift. This is down to the material that this lift is made from. If proper maintenance is carried out, then these lifts can last around 20 years!

Next, this type of lift offers a more open and airy design to help prevent passengers from feeling confined and claustrophobic. The aim of this lift is to allow people to feel comfortable and safe within the lift.

The lift's design creates an illusion of increased space. You won't feel restricted in a small area. The walls don't seem too enclosed around you.
Finally, these lifts are a lot easier to install compared to your standard lifts. But, why is this? Glass lifts are powered entirely by air whereas metal lifts require cables.

There is no need for an installation room, therefore meaning they are more straightforward to install.

As you can see, overall there is a wide range of benefits surrounding these lifts. From durability to maximised space and a luxury feel, glass elevators are the ideal solution for hotels, offices and shopping centres!

But, do glass lifts have any cons? Read on to find out!


Cons of a Glass Lift

Despite the many benefits this lift has, there are some cons that come with installing a glass elevator.

However, it becomes apparent that there are more advantages to owning a glass elevator compared to disadvantages. For more information, read on!

Firstly, these lifts only provide limited capacity and can only handle a small number of people using the lift. So, it is important to bear this in mind if you are considering installing a glass elevator in a busy area.

Another downside is that they can’t be used in skyscrapers/ high-rise buildings. The reason behind this is that the power used to move the glass is limited to around 3 storeys high.
The benefits of glass elevators are evident. They are a durable and robust choice for hotels and offices. Therefore, they outweigh the cons.


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