At GGR Glass, you can find a variety of glazing tools, lifting accessories and flooring accessories. You can also find a variety of deglazing accessories!

Sometimes glass needs replacing and in order to reglaze, you have to deglaze. GGR Glass offers a range of products, perfect for the best deglazing jobs. Take a look…

Simple and straight to the point, we have the Deglazing Tool. This is a sharp tool, used for effortless removal of window units from their frames. Fitted with a large, non-slip handle for a strong grip and a razor-sharp blade to cut through the toughest of sealants. This tool is supplied with left and right blades, as well as a removable tow-position handle.

Another impressive deglazing accessory is the Circular Deglazing Tool. This tool is designed for removing structurally bonded units. It is fitted with a circular disc that cuts easily into sealant and tape. Featuring a protective knuckle guard for good leverage when working flat against glass.

The Woods N4000 Deglazing Tool is a great choice for the safe and easy removal of affixed windowpanes and glued mirrors. This practical device combines the best-seller, Woods n4000 suction cup with a specialist 760mm pry bar. The n4000 suction cup has a lifting capacity of 57kg with a low marking rubber pad.

These deglazing tools will provide you with all of the power and control to remove any piece of glass in the safest and easiest way possible.

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