A Manual for Glass Transport Tools

A Manual for Glass Transport Tools

When carrying out any glazing project it is important that you have all the knowledge and best glass transport tools to help you complete the job safely. Here at GGR Glass we have over 25 years of experience in supplying lifting products. Find out what tools are best for your project here.

Polyester Carrying Straps

Sometimes your glazing needs extra support when carrying it around site which is where these Polyester Carrying Straps come in clutch. Designed with strong polyester straps an abrasion-resistant pad lines the centre of the straps. This provides excellent cushioning and support for any loads you are carrying. The curved rubber handles accommodate the shape of your hands and provide extra grip. Able to carry up to 1 tonne of glazing this accessory is essential on any project.

Self-Locking Transport Dolly

The Self-Locking Transport Dolly is a compact and robust solution for moving heavy materials like glass, drywall, doors, and stone panels. It features a self-locking mechanism and an inner lining for added protection. With a weight capacity of 250kg, it can handle various materials ranging from 10mm to 70mm in thickness. The dolly's steel construction with a powder-coated finish ensures durability, while the large pneumatic wheels provide stability on uneven surfaces. It also includes a convenient carry handle for easy manoeuvring. This dolly offers a reliable and efficient way to transport heavy items on construction sites.

TS500 Tandem Air Trolley

Transport your glazing with ease with the TS500 which has 4 durable tyres that can travel smoothly over bumpy surfaces. The incorporated vacuum suction cup on the trolley holds your glazing in place keeping it stable and secure during transport. The wide shelf with raised edges allows you to carry loads of up to 255mm wide and weighing up to 500kg. The included carrying handle allows the user to easily steer loads accurately across site especially when traversing rough terrain and around obstacles.

Slab Buggy

Transport your glazing safely with the Slab Buggy which is specially designed with an angled frame for holding glass correctly. Two integrated handles combined with the two swivel wheels provide easy and accurate steering of loads. The spinning wheels can be locked in position so the frame will not roll away on slopes, keeping you safe especially when unloading glass.

Able to carry loads up to 400kg this tool is the perfect addition to any worksites as it can handle many different types of glazing. The compact buggy can also fit inside a standard van and weighs just 48kg making it easy to transport between jobs.


At GGR Glass we have over 25 years of experience in supplying tools to assist with your glazing projects. To find the perfect glass transport tools for your project speak to one of our team members by contacting us here.

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