Transport your load like a celebrity with one of GGR Group’s high quality A-frame trolleys.

 We all need a bit of a hand sometimes, especially when it comes to glass. GGR Group supplies a range of A-Frame trollies to help with moving wider glass loads with ease. Varying from small to large, these glass carts are one of GGR Groups exclusive safety tools.

 Varying from small to large, a Small Glass A-Frame trolley is still an impressive piece of equipment. This trolley is designed with two 280mm deep shelves that can carry loads of up to 1000kg. Though considered small, this A-frame trolley is still large in size with the dimensions of 1600mm (l) x 1000mm (w) x 1600mm (h). However, with two of the four wheels allowing safe steering and the other two allowing easy breaking, the transportation of the trusty trolley is highly manageable.

 Already impressed? GGR Group’s Large Glass A-Frame trolley is built with two 490mm deep shelves that can also carry load of up to 1000kg. This glass cart has the dimensions of 2000mm (l) x 1410mm (w) x 1900mm (h), creating plenty of room for a piece of glass as big as an arm chair. Heavy duty locking and swivelling wheels help glass panels be moved around on site, ready for installation in the right location.

 As well as simple transportation A-Frame trolleys, GGR Group also supply trolleys featuring two lifting eyes and forklift points enabling the glass stillage and its load to be lifted together. This feature allows the small and large Liftable Glass A-Frame trollies to be lifted by a fork lift or truck or by crane for a safer and more convenient move on larger sites. The Large Glass A-Frame trolley can have a carrying capacity of a whopping 1500kg, when the load is evenly distributed, making manoeuvring quicker and easier.

 GGR Group’s pre-built A-Frame trolleys are perfect for a safe transfer of glass, however if you have a specific piece of glass in mind, GGR Group’s development team can handle it! The team can custom build A-Frames to your specific size of glass whilst suiting your budget. Whether it’s a simple move or you want to get the lifting eyes involved, the GGR Group development team can cater to your needs.

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